Friday, December 27, 2013

Keera Mutta Thoran/ Spinach egg stir fry with grated coconut

Hello every one, how are the holidays coming along?  Hope you all had a great Christmas and was able to spend valuable time with family. I am afraid this is going to be my last post for this year. I am travelling a little bit at the end of the year. And unfortunately I didnt get much time to plan ahead and post some grand item as my last post for this year as much as I wanted to :(. But I hope to make it all up in January when I will complete one year of blogging. Even though I wanted to, I wasnt able to spend much time on blogging this year due to health issues and other stuffs. But again guys, I wont be able to compensate much next year too due to lots of travel being planned. Visiting home for a while and then again bringing my inlaws here for a visit for 6 months and lots of other planned activities which may reduce my alone time a lot.  But that doesnt mean that I am going to give up blogging. Infact, I will try my best to improve my quality of blogging, may be not quantity and publish useful recipes as much as I can. 

I cant believe the year 2013 is ending. The year passed so quickly... Thinking back, it hasnt been that bad a year. There were many ups and downs for me. I suffered a lot healthwise affecting my day to day life a lot.. I was also almost conned by some people from India. Keeping all that and much more aside, I was able to start a food blog, learn more about food and blogging, made lots of friends and there are many more plus points as well. I am happy that the year is ending and hopefully 2014 will be an even better year. How was your year guys ? Enjoy the last week of 2013 and let us celebrate and usher in a new year with lots of hopes and dreams. 

Today I am sharing the recipe of Keera Mutta Thoran (Spinach Egg Thoran or Spinach - Egg in grated coconut mixture). My mom used to make mutta thoran with grated coconut and I just improved it a bit by adding spinach to that combo, trying to make it a little bit more healthy. Hope you all like the dish. This makes an excellent side dish with rice and Chappathi. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Muringakka Thoran/ Drumsticks Thoran

I have been able to blog very little these days. But blogging has always been on the back of my mind and it kept on nagging me that I am not posting recipes frequently as much as I like. So today, I woke up determined to blog a new recipe and with camera in hand, entered the kitchen and started planning lunch menu. Checked my refrigerator and found some Drumsticks/ Muringakka. Okay, decided on a simple and healthy side dish - Drumsticks/ Muringakka Thoran.