Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Coffee Cake with almond topping - First Blog Anniversary Special

Belated Happy new year wishes to all of you !!! Hope every one enjoyed their holidays :) Any new year resolutions guys? Hope you are fulfilling them to the best of your ability!! Stick to them and keep going.  My resolutions for the year ?? I havent decided yet :P I  mean I have quite a few in my mind. But couldnt decide which I actually want to implement :) Usually most of my resolutions are never ever practically implemented :( Even if I start following them, they are abandoned almost the second day. But, one year ago on January 8th 2013, I decided to follow one of my resolutions for the year and started a blog - A day through my life. It was something that was on my mind for sometime. but kept on delaying it... I wasnt sure what I wanted the blog to be at first. But then as I started writing on my online diary, I realized I was spending so much time on cooking and recipes and making a note of them, I decided to make it completely a food blog rather than a personal diary. After some days of blogging, I realized that the decision to start a blog was simple enough but maintaining it proved to a slightly difficult task. but then I didnt want to leave blogging saying I couldnt manage it. I was hooked on blogging by then and even though slowly, I was learning a lot and that kept me going. Sometime after I started learning so much about food blogging and the other wonderful blogs and their recipes, my health suffered and I was unable to cook much. Recovery is still in progress, but my blogging has suffered. There was one time last year when I didnt even know whether I will be able to complete one year of blogging. But today after all the initial hiccups, I am very very proud to say that my blog baby is turning ONE !!! Be it a birthday or an anniversary, the first year .. yeah .. Its quite special. And a celebration is a must !! What better than a cake to start off :)