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My name is Vrinda and I am from India. I am the author of the blog " A day through my life". I love cooking. I spend hours browsing the recipes online and then trying them out. Love experimenting with food and learning new recipes. I started the blog mainly to ramble about my day to day life and other thoughts. Slowly I started storing my tried and tested recipes on the blog and then I found that my day to day life ramblings were going to be mostly about cooking and converted the blog into a purely food based one. 

Hope all of you find my recipes useful which have been collected from family, friends and internet. I try to explain the recipe in a way that beginners can understand it correctly. Do try them out and leave your valuable feedback.

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  1. Just clicked a link of your blog and found yummy dishes on front page itself! Going out for a few hours n I'm sure to explore each of your posts as soon as I'm back :P Happy to connect with you... <3


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