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Round up of My Legume Love Affair - MLLA 70

Hello Friends, As you remember, I got the opportunity to host 70th edition of My Legume Love Affair - MLLA 70 on my blog for April. Thank you so much Lisa for providing me the wonderful opportunity to host the event. 

Happy to receive a good number of entries to the event. Thank you so much friends for making the event a great success. In case I have accidentally missed anyone from the round up, please do drop me a mail at Now off to the round up and finally the winner :) 

Round up of My Legume Love Affair - MLLA 70:

Let us start with a delicious soup. Umayal Venkatachalam of the blog - A Kaleidoscopic dream - has sent a lovely and delicious soup filled with veggies, black eyed beans and pasta. 

Minestrone Soup

Vohn McGuinness of the blog Vohn's Vittles has sent a creamy crunchy bean and avocado salad which looks yummy and refreshing. 

Creamy and Crunchy Bean and Avocado Salad

Next comes the delicious looking starter - Mixed Veg Vada sent by Emily of the blog Cooking for Kishore. The vada is filled with the unique and healthy combination of green/red cabbage, kale, broccoli stalk, carrots and urad dal. 

Mixed Veg Vada

SathyaPriya of the blog My Kitchen Odyssey has prepared the most delicious looking Peanut butter for the event. 

Homemade Peanut butter

Johanna of the blog Green Gourmet Giraffe has shared with us the innovative recipe of Peppers stuffed with white beans and Kale. 

Peppers stuffed with White beans and Kale

Janet who writes the blog The Taste Space has uniquely paired beans and cactus onion mixture with tortillas.

Cheater Tlacoyos with Nopales

Lubna of the blog Yummy Food has prepared with the most amazing looking Samosa Chat. One of my favorite snacks. I am drooling, just by looking at the picture. 

Samosa Chat

Jennifer of the blog A girl eats world has shared with us the recipe of Vegetarian Pita Sandwiches. One can play with the toppings as much as possible and I think no one can ever say no to one of them. Atleast I cant :)

Vegetarian Pita Sandwiches

Linsy Patel of Home Cook Food has sent the recipe of most delicious looking and nutritious 15 Bean Vegetarian Chilli for the event. 

15 Bean Vegetarian Chilli

Sandhya of the blog My Cooking Journey has shared with us the recipe of Pesarattu which are spicy green gram crepes. Wonderfully healthy crepes that one can have for breakfast or dinner. 

Pesarattu - Green Gram Crepes

Aparna of the blog Flavors and Colors has shared the recipe of another kind of crepes with lentils - Chanya Dali Polo / Chana Dal Dosa. Makes a nutritious and filling break fast, dinner or snack.

Chana Dal Dosa

Lucia of the blog Tortadirose has prepared pancakes with black chickpea flour. Very very innovative.

Black Chickpea Flour pancakes

Shobha Keswani of the blog Food Mazaa has sent the recipe of healthy Amaranth Leaves Sabzi mixed with Chana Dal. 

Amaranth Leaves Sabzi with Chana Dal

Harini of the blog Cook Click n devour has prepared a healthy, cooling and delicious looking Ashgourd Kootu with lentils. And just by looking at it makes me mouth water. 

Ashgourd Kootu

PJ of the blog Seduce your Tastebuds has prepared Masala Masoor Dal from Rajasthani cuisine in India for the event. One of the best comfort foods that can ever be !!

Masala Masoor Dal

Priya of the blog The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen has shared a recipe from Bohra Cuisine for the event - The delectable Chana Bateta which is chickpeas and potato in a tamarind sauce. Yum ! Yum ! Yum !

Chana Bateta
Here comes another yummy Chickpea - Potato gravy combination. This one was sent by Shweta of the blog Merry Tummy

Aloo Chana

Pravina of the blog Indo Global Food has prepared Chana Masala ( Chickpeas in onion - tomato gravy) in microwave and finished off the dish in around  15 -20 minutes. Awesome way Pravina !!

Microwave Chana Masala

Another yummy recipe based on chickpeas was sent by Usha of the blog My Spicy Kitchen. She has shared a thick yoghurt based curry from Pahari region of Himachal Pradesh in India - Chana Madra. 

Chana Madra

Finally Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen who has taken over from Susan, the baton of running My Legume Love Affair has shared the recipe of Chickpeas, Mango and Spinach in Tomato - Coconut gravy for the event. 

Chickpeas, Mango and Spinach in Tomato - Coconut gravy

Thank you so much for all the contributions and finally the time for announcing the winner. 

Winner of My Legume Love Affair - MLLA 70 selected by a random draw is Priya of the blog The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen. Priya who resides in India will get a copy of the cookbook - The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles

Another random draw conducted for selecting the Hurst bean prize was won by Jennifer of the blog - A girl eats world. 

Congratulations to all the winners !!! Both Lisa and me will be contacting the winners soon !! Will be back soon with another post. Take care everyone !!

Cheers !


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