Thursday, July 11, 2013

Date Balls or Date Roll

Actually I am not sure what name should I give to today's recipe. Hmm...I think I would like to go for Dates Balls or Dates Roll ... But whats in a name... For food, taste is the one that matters. Recently my doctor told me I was a bit anemic and my hubby took it upon himself to feed me food with as much as iron as possible. So I am mostly trying to eat dates and spinach. By the way, did you know that eating a date is really good for your health and you will be getting all the minerals and vitamins that you need for your daily consumption from dates? Yes, I usually eat one or two dates daily now and after a while, I started getting a bit tired of it. So I thought to make some food stuff with dates instead of having them just plain and what I really wanted to make was date cake. But had only very few dates with me. Thats when I remembered watching a cookery show on TV  and got the idea to make date balls. Here goes the recipe. Its very easy to make and needs hardly few minutes to assemble together. Do check it out. 

Date Balls: 
Time: 10 min


5 to 8 dates ( Use as much sweet dates as you can find. I used medjool dates)
2 to 3 Marie biscuits
3 to 4 Almonds
Few Cashews
1 Tsp Ghee

Step 1: In a blender, crush the marie biscuits along with 3 to 4 almonds into fine powder. 

You can also grind cashews along with the above combo and reduce the biscuit quantity and may be even skip the biscuits and just use the cashews. But I didnt have cashews with me. So I skipped adding them.

Step 2: Remove the seeds from the dates and Chop them into small pieces. Then grind them in blender without adding any water. 

Method of Prepping:

Step 1:

In a plate, add the ground dates and crushed biscuit - almond powder and mix well till the stickiness of the dates are reduced and the ground dates are coated well with the biscuit - almond powder mix. 

Step 2:

Now make small balls out of the mixture. Grease ur hand with ghee and roll the balls well. Make them flat first and insert one or two cashews in them. Now roll the balls again till smooth. Check the below pic. I have rolled the balls flat and inserted one cashew in some and rolled them back into balls in some. 

Repeat till the dates - biscuit - almond mixture is over. You are done !!! Yummy Date balls are ready. 


  •  Adjust the quantity of biscuit and almonds as per your taste. 
  • You can try roast the cashews and almonds a bit before powdering. Didnt try it through.. perhaps next time.  
  • You can also add sugar if you feel if your dates are not sweet enough.
  • In the end you can even roll the date balls in sugar and enjoy :)


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  2. Hi Avika..thanks for visiting my space you have a lovely ball looks yummy..

  3. Personally am not a big fan of dates, but this looks inviting and delicious

  4. loved the ease of these yummy balls,just right to satiate those untimely sweet cravings,is also a good in between meal snack,yummm :-)

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  6. Super healthy snack idea for my kiddo! thanks..

  7. healthy n perfectly rolled laddus..

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