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Whats with my Cuppa 2 - Nupur's Event for August - September

Are you a tea or a coffee person? I am not a fan of either.. How ever that doesnt stop me from being a big fan of the tea time snacks that we enjoy in the evenings ( Nalu mani palaharam in Malayalam :) ). Well, During my childhood, after coming from school every evening I used to eagerly wait for my parents to come from office. As soon as they enter the home, the first question that I asked was "What did you bring me today to eat?". Most of the times, they used to bring me typical Kerala snacks like "Parippuvada"(Lentil Fritters), "Vazhakayappam" (Banana Fritters), Modakam/Sukhiyan, Neiyappam, Unniyappam, Murukku, Pakkavada, Bhajji, Laddoo and sometimes Kerala Porotta. As I grew up, the Kerala snacks got replaced by Puffs, Samosas, Cakes and Burgers :) And if nothing else, there would be Banana Chips or Jackfruit Chips at home. And if that too were not there, there will be some biscuits for sure along with hot tea for my parents and milk for me :) So what do you guys have along with your tea / Coffee ? I know some favors sweet dishes while some prefers savory items. What ever it may be, share your dishes to the event "Nupur's Whats with my Cuppa!! "
I am very happy to announce at my blog space the second event that I am guest hosting -Whats with my Cuppa 2? A lovely event for all the fans of tea time snacks !! Any cuisine, any snack that you would like to have with your daily cup of tea or coffee and in my case a glass of milk :) Thanks Nupur for giving me the opportunity to host such a wonderful event !! 

Rules for the event :
  • Event runs from 15th August to 15th September.
  • Only Vegetarian recipes will be accepted. Eggs are allowed in cooking and baking.
  • Usage of Alcohol is not accepted.
  • Post any recipe and then please include a link to this page and Nupur's home page before linking the post here. 
  • Usage of logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word about the event. 
  • Feel free to send any number of new entries.
  • Archived entries are also accepted as long as it is updated with the link to this page and Nupur's home page
  • Entries that do not comply with the rules will be deleted. 
  • Use the Linky tool provided at the end of the post to enter your recipes. In case you are having any problem with the Linky tool, please mail me your entry at providing the following details.
  •         Subject Line - Whats with my Cuppa  
            Your Name
            Name of your Blog
            Blog's URL
            Recipe Name/ Dish name
            URL of your dish
            A picture of the dish
  • Non Bloggers can also participate in the event. Please mail me at my mail id with the following details. I will include the dish in the round up. 
  •         Subject Line - Whats with my Cuppa 
            Your Name
            Recipe Name
            Picture of the Dish
Looking forward to your awesome recipes !!

Please link your recipes here. 


  1. Thanks Aika for hosting this event :) Will send in my entries too

  2. Hey Avika.. Linked my first entry "Batata vada".. Will try to send in some more.. Happy hosting dear :-)

  3. Avika happy hosting, will send you my entry soon...
    send your recipe to my
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  4. Great event!!! Will be sending my entry :)

    Ongoing event:

  5. Hi Avika

    I have linked in Choconana crinkle cookies, lemon cookies, Rainbow Cake, Nankhatai, Chequered Biscuits, Strawberry Thumbprint cookies and Scones - which are archived entries but have been republished with your links. I have also linked Pea-nut-ella Rolls which is a fresh recipe. Will link more.

    Happy Hosting!!!

    You can also check out my ongoing giveaway at

  6. Hi Avika... Have linked my 2nd entry... Baked Macaroni & Vegetable Delight.. Have a great day dear :-)

  7. Hey Avika.. Have linked my 3rd entry.. Oats - Dalia Idli .. Have an awesome day dear :-)

  8. Good luck Avika…may this event be a success :)

  9. Hey Avika... Have linked my 4th entry.. Cucumber-Cheese-Chutney Sandwiches.. Have a great day :-)

  10. Hi Avika

    Linked two of two entries. Good Luck


    ongoing event: healthy breakfast

  11. Hi Avika,

    Linked peanut laddu.. will try to link some more...

    1. Hey have added two more.. chilli cheese sandwich n papdi chaat..
      lemme knw in case , i forgot following few rules,i'll update

  12. Linked bread pakora. Will try to link more.

    On-going event: healthy breakfast


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