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Kappa Pudding / Tapioca Pudding - A guest Post from Rafeeda of The Big Sweet Tooth

I am back with another guest post for the week. Today's guest post is from a lovely enthusiastic blogger who is a bit new to the blogging world but established herself so quickly with her wonderful recipes. After stumbling on to her blog, I was hooked onto it immediately.. I love reading her ramblings and the recipes that she brings forth.. Her blog name and the recipes she post mostly depict her sweet tooth:) But you can find traditional Malabar recipes, Bakes, Tea Time snacks and wonderful curries as well.. I am quite astonished at the pace in which blogs. Manages a minimum of 2 or 3 in a week. And that too she blogs during her lunch break from office and finishes it off quickly. Despite the super pace at which she works, She often describes herself as lazy :) So today's guest post is from another super woman from whom I should take time management lessons :)... None other Rafeeda / Rafs or Rafee as referred by her loving friends of the blog "The Big Sweet Tooth". Though I have never seen her, when ever I see her eldest kid's photo, my instinct tells me that I am looking at little Rafee. Through the virtual world, we have connected and I feel that any one who reads the blog, gets the impression of her warm and cheerful personality.. Thank you so much dear for agreeing to do the guest post.. And she is sharing with us a very unique sweet dish.. Read on to find out :) 

Over to you Rafee :)

Hello foodies,

Avika happens to be one the sweetest and down to earth persons I’ve met through blogosphere. Her blog and her writings testify the kind of person she is. I really don’t know why, but she feels that I look like my elder one! And I did tell her that her gut feeling is good enough! :D When Avika asked me for a guest post to fill her blog when she will be on enjoying her holidays, I definitely told her a yes. Who can turn down such a sweetheart like her?

I am Rafeeda, who blogs at The Big Sweet Tooth ( A working mother of two little girls, I enjoy cooking as a stressbuster after a busy day at work and just like my blog name suggests, I am a big time sweet gorger!!! Being true to my name, I though, why not I give Avika a sweet post… and here it is!

My umma has an aunty back home, who is into dessert business. She makes homemade puddings and desserts for marriages and large home functions. Due to this business of hers, my sister christened her as “pudding ammayi”. J Among the various puddings that she makes, the pudding with tapioca is one of them. Please do not get shocked – once you make it, nobody would even realize that you have put tapioca in it! Even though the tapioca bites in between, it gives such a sweet crunch and feel to the whole dessert! Once when we had a little party at home and I was racking my head for the dessert, my umma told me, “Kappa puddingundakkiyalo?” (Why don’t we make tapioca pudding?) Seriously, I hate making things if I don’t have measurements available to me, because I am always scared of mistakes! Oops… I shouldn’t have revealed my weakness though!!! A search through Google grandma gave me no results. Then my umma told me with her way of explaining – a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Together, we mixed and match and made the pudding…

Voila, the pudding was a success. Nobody could figure out that it was tapioca in it and they were all pleasantly surprised. So there you go, I share this sumptuous yet simple pudding for all of you to try out:

Kappa Pudding/ Tapioca Pudding
Serves 10-12


1 litre milk
600 gm tapioca, peeled, washed and grated
500 ml water
1 tin condensed milk
10 gm agar agar/ china grass
1 tsp salt
Sugar, as required (around 1/2 cup)

Method of Preparing:

Mix the milk and the tapioca in a saucepan and bring it to boil. Keep on simmer and cook till tapioca is almost soft and devoid of any hard bites. Keep stirring occasionally. Soak the agar agar in 200 ml water for 15 minutes. Once the tapioca is almost cooked, add in the soaked agar agar, remaining water, condensed milk and salt and give it a nice stir. Cook till the tapioca is completely cooked. Check if the sweetness is OK, otherwise add in the sugar towards the end of the cooking. Pour into a large glass dish, cool, cover with a cling film and refrigerate till it sets well. 

Serve in pudding bowls and devour!!!


1.      Since the quantity of agar agar is limited, the pudding would not be hard, but would set to a nice level.
2.      Tapioca may take quite some time to get cooked. If you have no time, pressure cook it with the milk for one whistle on high and 15 minutes on low. Switch off and let the pressure go by itself. Then proceed with the rest of the steps.

Thank you so much Avika for asking me for the guest post, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed doing this for you, though the decision of what to give you was as mind racking as it was when I was deciding to make the pudding on that day!!! Hope you enjoy your holidays and come back refreshed, to give us more lovely recipes and insights about you on your blog!!! J  

When Rafee sent me the guest post, I was delighted than ever... Wow!! What a lovely dish! We prepare Tapiocs mostly with Fish curry and I could never in my dreams think of using Tapioca in a sweet dish. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe Rafee and hoping to see many more wonderful recipes in your blog.. :) Will be back with another guest post to end the week soon :) 


  1. thank u so much avika for your kind words... I'm humbled!!! i'm so glad u liked the post and enjoyed it as much as I did while preparing it for you... xoxo

  2. "Pudding Ammayi" Lol Rafee! Loved the post Rafee and Avika. And the pudding is quite a different one indeed. I will have to try it out :)

  3. Awesome guest post by my favorite blogger Rafeeda.. The pudding is as usual tempting and delicious.. Wish I was lucky enough to taste a spoon of that :-)

  4. lovely guest post....pudding is real yummy...

  5. Lovely post Raff nice to get into ur blog avika :) hope to see more updates from u

  6. wonderful guest post by rafeeda :) kappa looks super yummy :) kudos to both !!

  7. Lol pudding Ammayi ! Anyway the idea is innovative.Thanks for sharing the recipe Avika and Rafee.

  8. appreciate all the kind words up there... :) :)

  9. wow.. i've heard about tapioca pudding bt never had the guts to try it out!! nw i've gt the recipe too... nice attempt Rafee...


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