Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hot Cocoa

It has been a gloomy week with rain and heavy clouds and the cold and that has brought all gloomy thoughts and laziness on me... To cheer one up and to get warm in the cold weather days, I usually have a cup of hot cocoa. What do you guys have ? Masala Tea or Coffe Latte? 

I had been too lazy the past few days. Somehow I was putting off writing of my 50th blog post. I was trying to think of a suitable dessert or dish that I would proudly present as my 50th blog post. Ha.. But couldnt select just one... All the dish sounds good... Everything is new... Hmm...  By the way laziness do not mean that I am hardly cooking these days.. Nope... My recipe trials are going on well every day... But sometimes I miss taking pics of the dish or sometimes things are in a hurry so you just concentrate on making the dish rather than taking photos at each point. I have lots of recipes lying in draft just waiting for the pictures. Only recently I have figured out the best time that I can cook peacefully and take pics. Hmm.. Need to organize better now. 

Occasionally while cooking I think about my mom and other aunties who cook most of the time due to necessity rather than a hobby. My mom is always ready to make a dish as soon as her kids demand it so that they eat up to their stomachs fill. I wonder whether I will turn out to be such a mom. She never complains about cooking, never complains that dad doesnt help her in cooking and do everything on her own at home and also manages her professional life well. Admirable... Here in my case I cook lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday and by Thursday (like today) I am so tired of cooking that I wish it was Saturday so that my hubby would be home and he can cook lunch or we can eat outside if both of us havent got the mood... Is it just me or is it the new generation women? Most of my friends who are married are like me, dont like cooking or staying in the kitchen for a longer time than necessary and if lazy or too tired or dont have any mood, will gladly order outside food. I had thought it was the new generation women only to find out that my neighbour, a girl younger than me by the way and a mom of a 1 year old, wakes up at 5 am to cook break fast for her hubby before the kid wakes up. She loves cooking and till now or atleast to me, she hasnt expressed any desire to work despite being highly qualified. Makes me wonder again... I guess its a matter of choice what people likes to do and may be their upbringing and exposure to the world contributing to their reactions to the circumstances in their life. And I believe we learn a lot everyday from each and every single person that we meet either good or bad contributing to us growing and hopefully making us a better person. Thanks to every single person who has been in my life and moved on. Every one of them have been a glowing presence and a necessary one at that particular scenario of my life.  And the fondful memories continue to remain in my heart and every time I reminisce it brings either a smile to my lips or tears to my eyes or sometimes both. 

It is fun some evenings sitting in the balcony reminiscing about past memories, sipping my favorite Hot Cocoa and I thought what better than my most lovable comfort drink Hot Cocoa as my 50th blog post.. Here goes the recipe... 

Hot Cocoa:

Cook Time: 5 min
Total Time: 5 min 


1 Tbsp Unsweetened cocoa
3 Tbsp Sugar
1 cup Milk

Method of Preparing:

Step 1:

Add 1 tbsp Unsweetened cocoa and 3 tbsp sugar in a pan and stir for a few sec while waiting for the pan to be hot. 

Step 2:

Add little water to the pan and stir till cocoa and sugar are mixed well and the mixture boils.

Step 3:

Heat milk in microwave or gas stove and add the hot milk to the pan. 

Stir for 2 min and switch off. Easy Hot Cocoa is ready. Enjoy.  

Note: If you like the hot cocoa foamy, blend cold milk for 30 seconds in the blender/mixie till foamy and then heat the milk up and add to the cocoa- sugar mixture.

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