Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mango Lassi

Its spring season here and where ever you look you can see only flowers... Climate is not too hot not too cold. In between we have random showers in a week and sometimes the temperatures soaring to 80's (Fahrenheit)... I guess the temperatures are going to rise even more in the coming few months. But still may not match the India summer weather! And speaking of summer, any summer is incomplete without Mangoes definitely!!!
Last week end when we went grocery shopping, saw that more than a dozen mangoes were being sold on a cardboard box!!! Became so enthusiastic and started persuading my hubby to buy such a box. Hubby was skeptic of course.. Was 100 % sure that mangoes were gonna spoil before I decide to make any dish :) Of course he is speaking from experience after seeing so many vegetables being thrown away because I got so enthusiastic and bought more than what I could make in a week :) Any way finally we ended up buying it. I have been making Mango lassi and milkshakes every day since then!!! 

During my childhood, summer meant vacation and freedom from studies. Used to stay outside the home mostly on the stairs during the day and on the terrace in the evening. 
Used to sit and read peacefully enjoying the cool winds or doing some other activity... There used to be a mango tree  direct in front of my home which provided the much needed shade to our home. It used to be a little bit taller than our home. I used to imagine that the tree was the magic faraway tree ( from Enid Blyton's Book for kids) and above the tree, different lands like the land of chocolate, land of goodies etc may be present. Ya, Had a very vivid imagination as a kid :) But simply the thought used to make me happy and I used to spend hours lying on the terrace and watching the clouds appearing over the mango tree and moving far away... 

It was just the opposite in the rainy season. Used to hide inside the home most of the time... Aah the monsoon in Kerala... Mostly arriving on time during the last week of May with massive thunderstorms and continuous rain and the heavy winds.The huge mango tree used to shake from side to side due to the wind and I used to watch it through the window, fearing what if the mango tree fell on our home!!! That used to be my greatest worry and I would hardly step outside except when the rain stopped. Then I would go outside and make paper boats and play in the water :) Long gone innocent days :(

The mango tree used to bear some small green colored mangoes and my mom used to make mambaza puliserry out of that. Used to taste yummy :) I hardly find such mangoes here and have to adjust with what ever found in grocery stores... 

Coming back to the recipe, Mango Lassi is something that my hubby orders in the restaurant most of the time. So decided to make that first using the mangoes..Here goes the recipe...

Mango Lassi

Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 5 min
Total Time: 10 min


2 Mango
3/4 - 1 cup Yoghurt 
1/2 - 3/4 cup Milk
Sugar - adjust as per sweetness of the mangoes


Peel the mangoes and cut them into cubes.

Method of Preparing:

Blend cubed mangoes, yoghurt, milk and sugar in a blender to the desired consistency.
Serve chilled. Enjoy :)

I am sending the recipe to the blog event "Celebrate Summer" initiated by Jagruthi and hosted by Nivedhanam this month. 

Linking the recipe to Priya's VFAM event hosted by My cooking journey

Also sending the recipe to "Healthy Food for Healthy kids - Juices, Milkshakes and Icecream" event hosted at Nithu's Kitchen.You can find the host line up for the event here


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