Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cooking and Me :)

When I was a kid, I used to say that I will never cook in my life And that I will marry only a guy who knows cooking!! All those who heard me used to laugh :) Well, my wish did come true partly... I did marry a guy who knows cooking!!! I was one of those people who step into the kitchen only for letting mom that I was hungry or to ask whats up for dinner/lunch/breakfast. And never paid attention to what I ate or more importantly the ingredients that goes into preparation of a dish :). All that changed when I started staying with my friends away from my native place for work. None of my friends knew cooking as well and gradually we got bored of outside food and started cooking together in our apartment. And from there I got my basic lessons in cooking like whats the smell of each spice, what do we put in each recipe and so on... But all that time, I used to cook accompanying some one... After marriage, I had a perfect person to try out all my experiments and thus began my solo journey with cooking. I must say it is an interesting journey and is keeping me hooked as of now :) 

I also got a chance to experience much of Andhra, Karnataka and some North Indian style of cooking. Gradually I started paying attention to food and started trying them out. My best friends sent me their recipes and when I had time, I tried them and learnt to make them well. Now I love cooking new every day and creating those recipes perfectly gives me absolute satisfaction. I am still a novice in cooking and gives much importance to healthy cooking. Cooking has become the first interest about which I will start blogging. i will post mostly Kerala recipes and other South and North Indian recipes as I try them out... Hope to post one new recipe every day :) I hope to share new healthy recipes with every one as soon as I learn them out :) 

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