Thursday, January 24, 2013

Orange Juice

As usual, I was searching for something to eat or drink in the kitchen as snack. Then my eyes fell on the lonely orange kept on the top of the fridge. Okay, got something to eat. Started peeling it and found that its quite slippery. Not the firm orange slices that I like. Hmm.. Dont feel like eating it.. It gets so messy... So what to do now? ...Yup... Orange juice...  In my child hood, I used to eat oranges almost every day. These days, I drink them mostly as juice. Here's the recipe that I used for making the juice.


1 orange
Little Milk
Little Water
Sugar or Honey


Peel the oranges. 

Method of Preparing:

Add orange slices, milk, water, sugar to the blender and blend well. ( I didnt have a juicer.) Sieve if needed and pour into a glass and enjoy. 

Note: Sometimes the oranges will be very sweet, then there may not be any need to add sugar. Instead of sugar, you can use honey as well. 

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