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Paneer Pancakes or Paneer ka Chilla

I usually have cornflakes, bread or oats for break fast :). Main reason is I hate to wake up early and prepare different types of break fast and the above mentioned items are very easy and quick to make and requires no effort :) So most of my break fast recipes that I have posted, I try them in the evening as snacks or as dinner :) I was telling one of my best friend that we really had to get up early and prepare some quick, easy and healthy breakfast as we are not having much variety in the break fast area and then she gave me the recipe for Paneer Pancakes or Paneer ka Chilla.

Today I decided to try out them for dinner instead of my usual dosas, chappathis and upmas. First I grated the paneer and mixed it with green chillies and coriander leaves. Then I started making the batter which is prepared using Besan or Gram flour. Next I added turmeric to Besan. Now I started getting all the doubts. I didnt get any when I saw the recipe from my friend. I was so eager to  try out a new recipe!!! I had never prepared anything using Besan other than the usual cakes or laddus. Mixing them with turmeric was something  new for me. I remember applying besan-turmeric mix as a face pack long time ago. I am not sure how you eat the same stuff that apply as face pack as well!!! I mean its not the same as honey or fruits that are also used as face packs !!! Since I had already prepared the filling with paneer, I decided to try making atleast one pan cake. I thought that if it turns out good, then I will continue making them. Otherwise I will change my dinner plan to dosa with paneer filling. Hence decided, to the Turmeric - Besan mix, I added chilli, coriander powder and salt. I mixed them well and then added water slowly to make a batter without lumps.  

I turned on the Tava and when it was hot, poured over the batter just like we put dosa. Once it was cooked on one side, then I turned it over and applied the paneer filling. Now I had to turn it over. Here again I started to worry. How to turn over. What if the paneer filling falls off. So I decided to make it like Masala Dosa and here is a picture of how it turned out. 

I tasted it apprehensively and it was goood !! Infact to me, it tasted a bit like bajji because I believe the bajji batter is prepared in a similar way. Now eagerly I continued making the pan cakes, improving as I prepared more and more. I also added a bit of cumin powder ( jeera powder ) to the batter for more taste. I wanted to add carom seeds or ajwain as well. But couldnt find them in the kitchen :(. 

See how the next few ones turned out. For the first one, I poured the batter and let it cook and then I turned over and applied the filling. Now I let it cook for 3 - 4 minutes and then I turned it over again. By that time, paneer had cooked well and started browning out nicely.

Oh Oh!!! I realized that I had put the filling in the reverse side. So now correcting it. I poured the batter on the Tava, let it cook for some time. Then I applied the filling.  See pic.

And let it cook for 3 minutes and then turned it over and once that side is cooked well, turned it over again. Result is shown below :) This time its perfect :)

Hmm.. I realize now that I am supposed to be preparing Pan cakes not Dosas. So applied a thick batter and created a perfect Paneer Pan cake. Yup, I have got this now :) 

I continued making pan cakes till the batter was over and I couldnt wait to start my dinner!!! Had one pan cake and then realized that it was so filling!!! Had the second one and I was stuffed. I have to have the remaining ones for break fast tomorrow!!! 

So here are the list of ingredients and the recipe in a much more detailed manner... 

Ingredients ( sufficient for 2 people. Come around 3 - 5 pancakes )  

For preparing the Batter
1.5 cup Besan or Gram Flour
1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric
1/2 Teaspoon Cumin Powder ( Jeera Powder )
1 Teaspoon Chilli Powder
1 Teaspoon Coriander Powder

For the filling :

1 cup grated paneer ( Crumbled paneer is also fine) 
1 cup coriander leaves
1/2 green chilly 

Prepping: ( 15 min) 

Step 1: Grate Paneer.
Step 2: Cut green chilly and coriander leaves.
Step 3: Mix with paneer for the filling.
Step 4: In a Bowl, add Besan, turmeric, chilly powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and salt. Mix well. 
Step 5: Add water slowly and make a batter with loose consistency.

Method of Preparing: ( 15 min) 

Step 1: 

Heat Tava and when it is hot, pour the batter on to the Tava and make it thick. 

Note: Before pouring the first Pancake, wipe Tava with a little bit of oil. Not needed from the second one as paneer will melt and the Tava will have the greasy effect.  

Step 2:  

Once it is cooked, add the Paneer filling on the same side. 

Step 3:

After 2 - 3 minutes, turn it over and let the other side cook.  

Step 4:

Turn it over and take it off. You can roll the pancakes and have it like a small wrap :)

Note: You can reduce the amount of filling applied on each pan cake. I applied a lot as I had grated a lot of paneer and wanted to finish it off :). You can reduce the size of pan cake as well.  

Paneer Pancakes make a very filling and healthy breakfast. Besan ( Gram Flour) and Paneer have high protein content and is very nutritious. Do try the recipe and let me know whether you like it :)

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