Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Delicious Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I hate to eat most fruits in its raw form. So to get fruits into my system, I have to rely on juices, shakes and smoothies. They are also filling and make a great accompaniment to breakfast. Basically, you can have them when ever you like as  a healthy snack : ) 


10 piece strawberry
1/2 banana - Add more if you like more banana flavor
2 - 3 teaspoon Yoghurt

Prepping: ( 5 min)

Step 1: Cleaning Strawberry

Cut off the stem part of the strawberries. Wash them in water. Then take a paper tissue and wipe of the dirt and water from the strawberries. If you see discolored soft parts, you can cut them off as well. 

Step 2:   

Cut strawberries into thin slices. Cut Banana into round slices.
Method of preparation: ( 3 min) 

Add strawberries, banana, yoghurt, honey and little milk into the blender / Mixie and blend well till it becomes smooth. Taste and add more honey to adjust sweetness, more milk if you like it thin and blend well. 

You can add ice also if you like it chilled. 
Strawberries and Bananas are some of the most nutrient rich fruits that you can find. Strawberries and Bananas are rich in fiber and regulate blood pressure and are good for our overall well being. So eat them up or have it in the form of smoothies or shakes :) 

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