Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Starting with a New Year Resolution...

Recently I happened to browse upon my dad's diaries that he had been maintaining from a  very long time.  I was amazed at the information that he had noted down on them. My dad's diaries did not contain any literary stuff worth publishing. But it had recorded all insignificant and significant events that occurred in our day to day lives. Facts like me or my sister calling home, our visit home for a short vacation, my relatives visit to home, my exam dates( including the subject), traffic details while going to airport or railway station, flight and train delays, details of marriage or reception attended by my parents, our Skype calls, electricity bill due dates, dates of when they were paid etc etc are some of the entries mentioned in the diaries. Every single date in the year had some or the other event happening on them. The events may be tiny, minute, unworthy of telling any one. but it was given a space in my dad's diaries. Glancing through them, I got more information about my parents activities in years than they care to mention on our daily phone calls!!!
Curiosity made me open the date of my marriage in the diary. It did not contain tears worthy description of his youngest daughter's marriage. It just said marriage occurred with out major issues on the muhurtham and contained details of some of the expenses occurred for the marriage. Reading it made me happy because that was the first time I came to know about my marriage expenses :( and it was a realistic description. I have to admit that I was impressed by my dad's meticulous recording of each tiny detail of our lives and it made me start a journal for my life as well hoping that it would  bring some sort of order to my thoughts and hence my life.

I haven't kept a diary since my childhood and what I had in my childhood was just emotional outpourings against the world when my parents didn't allow me to do something.. Reading some of them would probably make me cringe now... Well, That just proves that I have grown as a person and our priorities changes as we grow...

Recently I  have transitioned from being a working woman to a house wife and for a work alcoholic like me, the transition was difficult. Now, Who doesn't enjoy doing nothing all day and seeing the days pass through, waking up at what ever time you like, cooking and sleeping at your own time. Yup, its fun and I get irritated when some one disturbs this peaceful daily routine. How ever I also feel that I am slipping through my life with out an aim and need  some vision for life. My answer to that is writing a blog every day or at least one every week.

So some may question, why a blog? Starting a blog had been in my mind since a very long time... I did have time to pursue blogging as a leisure activity till now but I was too lazy to do so. Now that I have all the time in the world, this seems to be like an activity that would occupy my time fruitfully. So I took it up as a new year resolution  to write blog daily or atleast maintain it with weekly updates. There were other reasons also for starting the blog and some of them are as follows... 

1. I was too bored and this might just stop me from being too lazy.
2. I hardly get an opportunity to talk to people and hence I am worried that I may lose my fluency in English :)
3. I am afraid that I may lose my typing speed :)
4. Hopefully this will prove to be an efficient past time and who knows , it may a turning point. After all Free lance writing is supposed to be one of the top most paying jobs in 2013 :) as per the Yahoo India Finance section :)
5. Also it gives me something to think about other than what should I cook for lunch next day !!
6. Also if I record events, it will help me realize what date we are in. (Disadvantage of having nothing to do!! )

Well, The reasons did sound solid enough and so here I am with my own blog... To give a preview of what may be coming next in the blog,  it might contain recordings of my small life - my thoughts and mostly my cooking experiments !!!

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