Thursday, January 31, 2013

Green Chutney Sandwich

Today I prepared Green Chutney Sandwich as evening snack. It consists of mint(puthina)- coriander chutney, tomatoes and paneer. This one can be had as a healthy break fast or a Tea Time snack. First need to prepare Green chutney or Mint (Puthina) - Coriander Chutney for this one. You can find the recipe for the chutney here. Then continue preparing the sandwich. Let us see step by step. 

Mint - Coriander Chutney Sandwich :

Prep TIme: 10 min
Cook Time: 5min
Total Time: 15min


2 slices of whole grain bread - You can use any bread you like. I used whole grain which is one of the healthy options available.
Mint - Coriander chutney
1 Tomato 


Step 1: Prepare Mint - Coriander chutney.  

Step 2: Scramble or grate Paneer.

Step 3: Cut Tomato into round slices.

Method of Preparing:

Step 1: 

Take 2 slices of bread. Apply mint coriander chutney on each slice.

Step 2:

Put Tomato slices on one slice of the bread. 

Step 3:

Put Lettuce on the other slice of the bread. Apply grated or scrambled Paneer over the bread slices. 

Step 4:

Sprinkle very little salt over the bread slices and then place one slice over the other. 

Step 5:

Toast the sandwich. I heated a pan and toasted each slice of the bread as shown below. 

Step 6:

Delicious Sandwich is ready. Cut into different shapes as you like and serve.

You can add on any vegetables you like. You can add cucumber slices, boiled potatoes and peas, capsicum rounds etc. I didnt have any of these for adding on the sandwich. You can also use low fat paneer instead of the regular one.  A Very nutritious sandwich that can be prepared real quick. Just prepare some mint coriander chutney in advance and keep it refrigerated. 

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